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  • Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited
    Ahmedabad, India
    Expanded Clay Aggregate, ECA, LECA is manufactured in India by our group for 1st time. ECA is 100% inert, lightweight, strong, thermal and sound insulating material which is high quality, fire resistant, insect free and a durable lightweight aggregate. ECA is "All in One" product offering huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction. Expanded Clay is a low density aggregate combined with high strength. Sizes are 0-30 mm (rounds and crushed) with density 260-700 kg/m3. Uses: Building Construction Blocks, Precast Structural Elements, Wall Panels, Acoustic Panels, Insulating concrete and mortars, Fills, Plastering, Structural Lightweight Concrete, Urban Landscapes, Hydroponics, Storm water management, Wastewater treatment, Geotechnical lightweight fill, abutments, roads, embankment construction, bedding insulation.
  • Gurit
    Newport, United Kingdom
  • Stalite Lightweight Aggregate
    Salisbury, United States of America
  • Universal Minerals International, Inc.
    Tucson, United States of America

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