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  • Accolade Measurement Ltd
    Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
    Accolade Measurement Ltd is a specialist engineering company delivering accurate and cost-effective solutions in static and dynamic load testing, instrumentation and movement monitoring of structures, (as well as vehicles and mechanisms). Our novel analytics-driven solution to bridge monitoring is a market leading way to manage structures and their risks. Life-span maximisation and maintenance cost minimisation is underpinned by deep analytics enabling future displacement forecasting, real-time rapid failure detection and more. Please contact us to understand how we can work with you.
  • MISTRAS Group
    Princeton Junction, United States of America
    MISTRAS Group is a leading OneSource™ provider of non-destructive testing (NDT), maintenance, access, and structural health monitoring (SHM) on a wide variety of bridges including cable stay, concrete, steel, suspension, and wooden structures. Our systems and services provide 24/7/365 continuous monitoring of bridges with proprietary acoustic emission (AE) technology for real-time defect detection, helping to minimize shutdowns while enhancing safety. Visit for more information and contact us so we can help you maximize the uptime and safety of your bridges and other infrastructure assets.
  • Wiecon
    Taipei, Taiwan
    The design of bridge structures represents a mixture of sensitively integrated designs, advanced technologies and past experiences. Wiecon has been involved in many bridge projects covering all types of bridges and services and is proud to present our outstanding capabilities and achievements in bridge engineering.
  • Bill Harvey Associates Limited
    Exeter, United Kingdom
  • Bridge Technology Consulting
    New York, United States of America
  • Echem Consultants LLC
    Poughkeepsie, United States of America
  • Frankham Group
    Sidcup, United Kingdom
  • Geocomp
    Acton, United States of America
  • Henderson Thomas Associates
    Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
  • IDS Georadar S.r.l.
    Ospedaletto, Italy
  • James Fisher Strainstall
    Cowes, United Kingdom
  • mageba sa
    Bulach, Switzerland
  • Olson Engineering
    Wheat Ridge, United States of America
  • OR3D
    Wrexham, United Kingdom
  • OSMOS Group
    Paris, France
  • Screening Eagle Technologies AG
    Schwerzenbach - Zurich, Switzerland

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